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Americans request Russia to hack Trump's Twitter account and click deactivate button

08, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Washington DC: A large number of Americans have come together to send a request to Russian President Vladimir Putin urging him to hack President-Elect Donald Trump’s Twitter account. After hacking his account, they want Russian hackers to click on the deactivate button.

Trump offending someone

Donald Trump won the elections for US President after a long and acrimonious campaign against Hillary Clinton. During the campaign, Hillary camp had alleged that Russia was behind the hacking of DNC emails and now many Americans are asking for another hacking before Trump starts a World War through his tweets.

Trump used his Twitter account very successfully during the campaign to attack political rivals. Now after winning the elections, he is showing no signs of slowing down and is now using his account to take shots at media, businesses like Boeing and most worryingly, China. Before Trump does any serious damage with this tweets, Americans are hoping that Russians will deactivate that account.

“Hillary Clinton and all the other Democrats told us how good Russians are at hacking. They hacked all those DNC emails so we are sure that hacking a Twitter account will be easy for them. We don’t want them to post anything offensive from that account,people won’t even come to know that the account is hacked, they will feel that it is just Trump being Trump. We want them to simply deactivate the account, that is all. The world will be a lot safer if Trump is not antagonizing other world powers through his tweets. That is why we have started this petition appealing to Mr Putin’s good side and get this account deactivated”, a man behind the petition told Faking News.

The petition has already got 500 Million signatures with people from across the globe joining the Americans in this noble endeavor.

Meanwhile, China is finally thinking about lifting the ban on Twitter. “We want our people to read the next US President’s tweets and realize that democracy isn’t always the best thing”, a senior government official said.