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Arnab to accompany Modi on his Israel trip, plans to resolve Gaza conflict through live debates

04, Jul 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: The decibel dandy of India, Arnab Goswami has reportedly been permitted by the MEA to accompany prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi on his trip to Israel and Palestine.

Faking News reporters spoke to MEA officials who gave us the details of prime minister’s itinerary along with Arnab’s. While the former’s itinerary looked official, the latter’s was nothing short of a sensation. We managed to get a copy of it and here’s how it looked.

Exclusive Itinerary (#FakingNewsImpact)

Reliable sources say Arnab would be wearing his trademark suit on all days of the visit and would carry bottles of ink from the studios, just in case ink gets over while noting down bullet points on the region’s conflicts. A full fledged debate with participation from Israel and Palestine has been confirmed. While everyone’s curious about the side Arnab would tilt toward, Times No has already started airing ads on television with a punchline “Gaza wants to know.

As per reports, MEA seems to be a little jittery about Arnab’s inclusion in the trip owing to his excessive outrage displays in the past where panelists had to run away from studios. This comes in-spite of the fact that MEA itself approved his accompaniment after a thorough internal discussion and a nod from security advisers.

Various groups in the disputed territory are confident that Arnab will solve their problems through an unbiased debate and put an end to the world’s most complex dispute while the observers are almost sure that his decibel range will exceed the sound of the region’s routine bomb shelling.

According to sources, this event is going to be the first of its kind where a visiting journalist’s outrage may overshadow the visiting PM’s message while some speculate Arnab may actually pull up the MEA for doing unwanted favors by approving his travel.