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As India blocks Chinese troops from constructing road, China offers to do it under FDI

29, Oct 2014 By Mishtik Journo

New Delhi: After Indian troops’ recent blocking of attempts by the China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers to construct a road in the Asaphila region of Arunachal Pradesh, the Chinese have created a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and applied to the Indian government for construction of this road under the FDI route.

“Please, do pass my message to your boss”

“Economic growth in China is not what it used to be. The government has stipulated that the PLA soldiers must indulge in some economic activity to earn their salaries. Construction of this road by them will enable their families to have their daily square meal of Chow mein and Manchurian,” Chung Wa of Chinese army had confided with his Indian counterpart at the brigadier-level meet last month

Chinese desperately need to build this road. They have constructed more roads than required in their own country even as the growth of vehicles in China declines alarmingly.

“The Indian Sensex has more than trebled in last five years and our Shanghai Composite Index has declined from 3400 to 2300 since 2009. The Chinese economy needs a boost desperately as we need to deploy our idle resources. If Indian army doesn’t allow it then we will approach the Indian government under FDI,” Hun Lee, an official of the Chinese Commerce ministry told Faking News.

“The potential for collection of toll on this road is going to be enormous as compared to that on the Chinese side, what with the economic prosperity under Modi,” Lee added.

After this incident and as Indians stopped using crackers imported from China this Diwali, it is reliably learnt that China is eagerly awaiting to import defense equipment manufactured under the ‘Make in India’ initiative from India to keep its troops busy with mock exercises and to keep PM Modi in good humour.