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As part of the renewed Indo-US partnership, FBI & CIA to train under ACP Praddyuman, Daya, Abhijeet & CID

27, Jan 2015 By burabandar

New Delhi. India has arrived on the world stage. In a first, where a visiting high profile foreign Head of State (read from USA, UK, Russia, China) has not been seduced by a trip to the Taj but through a marathon of Crime Intelligence show, CID. President Obama, was so much mesmerized by the ever running TV show that he has personally requested his good friend PM Modi to help the CID team train CIA & FBI.

For as far as the one can remember, it has been the sole prerogative of the CIA & FBI (never mind the occasional Bond flick) to save the world from annihilation. However they now look jaded after decades of same plots and outdated tools. This has been a major worry for the authorities there as CIA & FBI are appearing to be loosing their edge in doing the impossible.

India's pride!
India’s pride!

During the NamObama meeting, this issue was discussed and Mr. PM recommended Mr. President to watch CID and that was all that was needed. A US official commented, “Mr. President was earlier skeptical, but once he watched the special Jashn-e-CID program of Sony on January 26th, he was convinced that only ACP Praddyuman can save the day. He was impressed by the prowess of Inspector Daya and has requested SHIELD to make future Captain America with a reference of Daya. What really impressed him was the maverick Dr. Salunkhe and the his unimaginable technology. He has also requested a personal audience with ACP Praddyuman, Daya & Abhijeet to take a selfie with them.”

As part of the initiative the CID team will train the teams from these 2 agencies in the art of what only CID can do. This includes from dancing with stars to having hot agents romance mid-aged ugly seniors who never get promoted.

This will help boost the morale of the cadets is what the agency honchos believe. Also ACP Praddyuman will conduct a crash course in ‘Kuch to Gadbad hai’ for only the top executive which will train them on ‘how to be stupid but take the credit for the work’.

“We never knew Indians were so advanced with their technology. Dr. Salunkhe is an improbable genius guys. He can predict if the shooter’s hand was shaking when he fired the shot and whether this shake was due to a low BP or a lizard falling on him at the last moment. This is AMAZING, This is CID!!! India Rocks man,” said Dr. Richard, head at CIA Forensics.

The teams from the 2 agencies will also do a study on the mentality of people who call CID directly on their personal numbers for heinous crimes ranging from terror threat to missing jewelry. “This is such a multi-faceted team, they can do anything. More than 75% of my staff has the IQ of Freddie but none of them can provide half as comic relief as he can,” another official said scratching his head.

In fact, as part of the process, FBI & CIA has already ordered 10,000 Prachin Hanuman Yantra with Manoj Kumar’s photo on it as verified by ACP Praddyuman.