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Average American still unable to tell the difference between Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone: Survey

12, Jan 2017 By @jurnoleast

A survey by the RSGA (Random Survey Group of America) that sought to write about ‘Indian’s in Hollywood’, revealed that the average American is still not able to distinguish between Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone.

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As per the survey around 90% of Americans occasionally get confused between the two Bollywood actresses (the survey excludes Indian-Americans). “Priyanka and Deepika both will be gracing American television screen with their respective Hollywood projects in future and the fact that Americans are still not able to tell one from the other is a matter of concern,” said a Senior Channel Executive, while browsing through the survey data.

Even a BuzzFeed article titled ‘5 Differences between Priyanka and Deepika’ failed to do much to drive away the confusion.

Faking News spoke Jimmy Smith, an average American guy living in New York, to find out if the survey did really have any weight. “I have a lot of Indian friends and I do Yoga regularly. So I thought I’d get a hang of it. But I was mistaken. When I though I was watching Deepika, someone corrected me saying it was Priyanka. Besides they both are roaming around with bald Hollywood actors in their promos. How do you expect me to be so intelligent enough to figure out who’s who,” Gary said in an irritated tone.

The survey findings have now put pressure on the Donald Trump led establishment, who promised to make ‘America Great Again’, to deal with such pressing issues. Apparently, Trump administration has taken cognizance and will be constituting a special team soon.

“We all have problems. Problems are everywhere and problems are good. In my election rallies I had promised that I’d be giving reservation to Indian actors in Hollywood. But looks like before we implement that, we need to get this shit sorted out. So I have asked all those brown Asian people in my administration to help their white American friends and end this Priyanka-Deepika conundrum,” said Donald Trump while addressing the media at Trump Towers.

Prominent Indian-Americans are doing their own bit and planning to start a call-center that will address issue of white American people. “This call center will serve to help people when they get confused between ‘similar looking Indian actors’. They can call a toll-free number where they will be provided assistance,” said American actor and comedian Aziz Ansari, who has on many occasions been confused with Russell Peters.