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Barack Obama thinking about Golf courses while India and Pakistan complain to him about each other

21, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New York: As per sources in the Obama administration, Barack Obama was thinking about Golf courses when representatives from India and Pakistan were complaining about each other in front of the US President.

Obama can’t wait to get back out on a Golf course

Tensions are high again along the India-Pakistan border after the recent attack on an Indian Army base in Uri, Jammu and Kashmir. As is the protocol after such attacks, both countries rushed to America to complain about the other side but apparently, Obama has no interest in this.

“Mr. President gave absolutely zero fucks to whatever was being said. Anyway, he has heard the same arguments so many times that he knows what was being said without even listening. He tried to get out of these meetings, even cancelled his meeting with Nawaz Sharif but couldn’t avoid their officials at the UN General Assembly. However, he used that time to think about the Golf courses he will hit once he officially retires from the White House. He even made a top 10 list of his favourite courses”, an official of Obama administration said.

“To be fair, he has been like that in all his meetings these days. He has less than 4 months left before someone takes over from him. Have you ever seen an employee showing interest in the job during notice period? Further, this isn’t even an issue affecting US directly, why should he care at all. He does care about Golf though as he has repeatedly shown during his tenure as US President and hence he used that time to think about that”, the official added.

As per reports, both Indian and Pakistani contingent aren’t upset at all about this news and have planned to complain to Obama again at the next available opportunity.