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Barack Obama’s credit card limit increased by Citibank

07, Nov 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Washington, DC. His first term might have seen credit rating of the USA being downgraded by S&P, but his second term has started on a good note. Citibank has announced that it has increased the credit limit offered on the credit card held by Barack Obama by over 100 times.

“Credit limit for your Visa card XXXX XXXX XXXX 1121 has been increased” was the title of the e-mail received earlier by the US President, who threw a punch in the air after reading it on his iPhone and went on to deliver a spirited victory speech, where he declared that his best was yet to come.

Barack Obama's Credit Card
The old credit card of Barack Obama

“Either he was talking about another credit card or maybe getting that AAA credit rating back for the USA,” concluded a political expert after analyzing Obama’s speech, “But his best will come only with increased spending. This increase in credit card limit is a good move.”

Sources at White House confirm that Obama has made grand plans for his second term following this increased credit limit, which reportedly went up from 5000 USD to 500000 USD.

“Apart from pre-ordering iPhone-6, he also plans to buy an Indian kurta for himself to appear more inclusive and appealing,” confirmed a self-styled distant aide of Obama, which led to Indian news channels holding three hour long discussions on the kind of kurta Obama should wear and how it could affect the Indian textiles industry.

“He also has offers to buy land in Haryana in India and in the whole of Pakistan to celebrate his second term,” the aide further disclosed but the news channels ignored this piece of information.

While the new credit card with increased limit and a photo showing him hugging his wife will soon reach Obama’s residence, latest reports suggest that has cancelled a Cash-On-Delivery order for a China tea-pot placed by Mitt Romney.

“We don’t think he’d enjoy any more tea parties,” a customer care executive at told Faking News.