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Bilawal Bhutto practicing to become Superman so that he could stop Mangalyaan from entering Mars orbit

23, Sep 2014 By idiot420

Islamabad. Pakistan’s own superhero Bilawal Bhutto is practicing hard to become Superman, so that he could stop India’s Mangalyaan from entering Mars orbit.

Reportedly, Bilawal is quite pissed off by the way Indians reacted to his recent Kashmir comment, in which he had promised Pakistan population that he would take back entire Kashmir from India.

Bilawal Superman
Ready to rock the world.

“He is planning to give a befitting reply to those who mocked him and doubted his capabilities,” said Bilawal’s father Asif Ali Zardari, adding that Bilawal wants to show India a glimpse of his power. “He is Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party at such an young age because he is special. We know his power, India tried to mess with the wrong guy. Now Indians have to pay for their over the top reaction on Bilawal’s comment.”

Bilawal wants to hit India where it hurts the most, and what could be better target than Mangalyaan which is all set to enter Mars orbit on 24th of September.

“He wants to pass a strong message to India. If we analyze what Bilawal is actually capable of doing, taking back every inch of Kashmir is a child’s play,” Zardari further added while beaming with pride.

Sources close to Bhutto family say, Bilawal is practicing hard by jumping off from boundary wall of his house while wearing a Superman costume.

“He has got the power, and all he is doing currently is polishing it. Hopefully by tonight he will be as skillful as Superman,” said a close aide of Bilawal.

Bilawal Bhutto is hoping to reach near Mangalyaan in just couple of hours.

“Next morning I am planning to wake up in the night, may be around 4 am, and then will take off from terrace of my Bungalow. I will be carrying a big bag in which I will put Mangalyaan and bring back to Pakistan,” Bilawal told Faking News revealing his plans.

Meanwhile, taking precautionary safety measures to stop Bilawal from taking away Kashmir, Indian army has put a board at the Indo-Pak border with message – “Kashmir has been relocated to Ireland”.