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Burger outlets in Pakistan vandalized to protest against Sarfaraz Ahmed after Pak's loss to Sri Lanka in T20 series

11, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Pakistan’s 3-0 whitewash in T20 matches today saw many fans venting their ire on burger outlets in the country as a sigh of protest against captain Sarfaraz Ahmed. Outlets of McDonald’s and KFC bore the maximum brunt of disgruntled fans.


Scores of fans could be seen outside these outlets vandalizing burgers placed at counters. Giant cut-outs of burgers were also not spared. Patrons who were eating burgers were also asked to spit it out. A few customers could be seen barfing too.

One fan that our reporter spoke to was livid at the teams performance and was at the forefront and was seen exhorting other fans to join him. “Yahan pe hum log inse itni ummeed lagaye baithe hain. Jazbaat badal diye, zindagi badal di. Hum Sarfarz ke khane ka menu badal denge. Aaj se koi burger nahi khayega,” screamed a fan.

Though the Pak captain apologized immediately for the lack luster performance, that sadly failed to placate fans.

McD and KFC outlets have now asked for protection from PM Imran Khan. While speaking on the issue PM Imran Khan said, “All our security resources have been used up to provide security to the visiting Sri Lankan team. We have no money for arranging additional security. But I assure you that when I visit China next, I will surely ask for more funds to arrange for your safety.”