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Burqa designed to facilitate wife-beating launched in UAE

19, Oct 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Abu Dhabi, UAE. After UAE’s highest court ruled that it was okay for a man to beat his wife till there were no cuts or bruise marks on her body, the corporate sector has come forward to help husbands “legally” bash up their wives.

An apparel making company has announced plans to launch a special burqa that will make sure that the wearer didn’t get any cuts or bruises once she received heavy blows or lashes from her husband.

“Completely safe and halaal for wife-beating,” Anjaar al-Hijri, CEO of DrapeWell Inc. informed about their latest product – the padded burqa – which will have cushions around body areas that were most vulnerable to receive bruise or cut marks upon beating.

Burqa ensures safety of women?
Earlier attempts to produce and market similar burqas had failed due to aesthetic challenges

“Once you feel like bashing up your wife because she didn’t serve you rose-water for washing your feet, just go ahead and do it!” Mr. al-Hijri explained the benefits of the latest burqa for husbands desirous of wife-beating.

“This burqa will make sure that your actions remain completely legal and ethical,” he added, and hoped that Dhaal-E-Sehat-O-Izzat, the name for their latest product, would sell like hot cakes in coming days.

There were mixed reactions to the latest product launch with many married men expressing pleasure over the development.

“Lovely! I’m going to gift this beautiful burqa to her on our next anniversary,” said Naseem Nasheri, a Pakistani investment banker living in UAE, who also shopped for a “compatible” rod that he could use to hit his wife for instilling some “discipline” in her.

“They should also provide rods or lashes free with it,” he said as he got the burqa packed in a beautiful pink colored box as a surprise-gift to his wife.

But some shoppers were not convinced of its performance and wanted a “live demo” of the burqa, which has pushed DrapeWell Inc. to look out for “human mannequins” to be put up in their showrooms. A job requirement was flashed earlier today and a team from Kerala is expected to be flying anytime into UAE now with the required manpower.

France or Shiv Sena were yet to comment on the development.