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After cancelling Air Force One contract due to high costs, Trump plans to rent out White House on Airbnb

07, Dec 2016 By @jurnoleast

Washington DC: President elect Donald Trump, who cancelled a Boeing contract to build Air Force One citing high costs, has now said that he’ll be renting out White House on Airbnb to help out with some extra income.


While speaking to a media contingent gathered in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York he said, “The White House is ‘hugee’. There are so many rooms and I can’t keep a track of them. I mean we need rooms but not so many. Either we reduce the rooms or add more member to our family. Like adopt a few kids from around the world like Brad and Angelina just to make the White House look more occupied.”

The President had earlier hinted that he along with First Lady Melania Trump would not be spending much time in the White House.

Apparently, Mr. Trump got the idea of putting up White House for rent from Indian PM Narendra Modi. “We came to know that Mr. Modi has been globe trotting since the time he was elected and his official residence is being used as wedding venue. So we thought of doing something similar,” said an official associated with the White House.

Sources also say that it is highly likely that Barack Obama might find his way back to the White House after it gets listed on Airbnb. The Obama’s have however refuted the news.

While speaking to Jimmy Kimmel on his show, Michelle Obama said that she had already packed all her bags and had no intention to stay back. “Do you know how much effort it took me pack those damn bags. Now you say we are going to stay back. Barrack better be sleeping on the couch if he does that,” she said.

Though many are questioning the rationale behind Trumps sudden love for ‘cost cutting’. “There’s more to come and this is just tip of the ice-cream,” he said, with his close aide whispering in Mr. Trumps ears that it’s called iceberg.

Meanwhile, Boeing has hit out at Donald Trump for saying that Air Force One costs were too high and said that the costs in building the air craft were far lesser than what Mr. Trump spends on maintaining his hair.