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Can't deport Vijay Mallya as he has huge loans outstanding in UK: England to India

28, Mar 2017 By RT

London: The officials from UK immigration have responded to India’s request to deport Vijay Mallya with a big no, stating that Mr. Mallya has huge outstanding loans in UK banks that he must pay before leaving the country. Till Mr Mallya doesn’t settle those loans, it is unlikely that he will be sent back to India.

Vijay Mallya
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Mr Mallya has reportedly amassed wealth of a few million pounds in UK, thanks to a consortium of UK banks. “How every bank was duped into giving large sums of money without doing the mandatory background check is too baffling”, said a top government official in UK. “We are now running a background check on the bank officials who have approved the loans. However, We cannot send him back until we recover at least a portion of the disbursement”, he further added.

Confirming the news, a senior banker based out of London said ,”Ever since Mr Mallya landed in London, he has been taking one loan after another. We are investigating how all his loans got approved so easily. Right now, he has borrowed so much money that we can’t let him leave the country. Once he repays all his loans, of course he can be extradited back to India.”

“Most of his assets are useless right now as they have been frozen by Indian authorities so we aren’t sure how he will manage to repay his loans. He has been trying to pay us back in Kingfisher calendars but we have told him clearly that we only accept real money”, the banker said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mallya is now trying to escape to Cayman islands and has already transferred huge sums from the loans to numbered accounts there, it is learnt by Faking news from reliable resources.