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Captured Pak terrorist claims declining number of Hindus in Pak made him look for opportunities of killing them outside

06, Aug 2015 By indianpsycho

Udhampur. The Pakistani terrorist who was captured alive by BSF yesterday has claimed that declining population of Hindus in his country is forcing people like to look for opportunities outside.

Mohammad Naved (name changed by him), who pursues fun hobby of killing Hindus, lashed out at his successors for not leaving enough Hindus in the country for people like him to gun down.

“Innocence personified,” exclaimed Barkha Dutt after looking at this pic

“Killing Hindus is our national pastime activity. But it seemed instead of doing any other work, our forefathers only pursued this hobby, that too day in day out. It is because of their extreme passion that Hindu population declined drastically from 1951 to now, leaving us with virtually nobody to kill in our country,” a surprisingly well informed Rameez Raja (name changed again by him) pointed.

“Our generation now has no other option but to come to India (surprisingly still having a substantiate number of Hindus) to continue our fun activity,” he argued.

“Allah forbid if ‘Secularism’ gets removed from India’s constitution, we would then have to go to Nepal to keep our hobby alive,” allegedly 16 year old Pervez Musharaf (name changed again) added, “I hope Nepal doesn’t go ahead with their contemplation to remove secularism from their constitution.”

Immediately after the young terrorist’s confession, the Adarsh liberals of our country claimed that he was just a brainwashed kid, who was being unnecessarily harassed by Indian authorities.

“Who knows this innocent man could be the one trained in a camp operated by RSS in Pakistan to give bad name to terrorism and Islam,” claimed Kavita Krishnan, a veteran Adarsh liberal.

“He is changing his names at will. And I am sure finally he will settle at a Hindu name, which will then prove our concerns right that how Saffron Hindu terror is the biggest menace threatening humanity currently,” argued Rajdeep Sardesai.