Celeb trapped inside her own dress after organizers at Met gala 2019 mistook her dress to be the red carpet and rolled it up post the show

08, May 2019 By @jurnoleast

Met gala 2019, which saw celebs dressed in their eccentric best, had a minor scare after organizers mistook her dress to be the red carpet and rolled it up trapping Cardi B inside her own dress.

cardi b

Cardi was wearing a huge quilted gown by Thom Browne and required around a dozen handlers to hold it so that she could move around.

Sources say that the rappers frantic cries were heard by a few guests. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were the first to respond to her cry.

While speaking to Faking News Priyanka said, “I was busy trying to get rid of my own hideous outfit when I heard a cry for help. It took me some time to realize that it was coming from a red carpet that was lying on the ground. When I rolled it open, I was shocked to see Cardi B inside.”

A breathless Cardi was attended to by a few medical professionals and the singer was later reported to be out of danger.

Apparently, the organizers were in a hurry to spruce up the place for the after party and failed to realize that it was Cardi’s outfit before rolling the ‘carpet’.

The incident once again raised questions over theme based Met gala that prompts celebs to wear atrocious dresses.

“Haven’t seen any celeb wear these ridiculous dresses in their daily life. Maybe Ranveer Singh could be an exception. But clearly things need to change from the next year,” remarked an insider.

There has been no official word on instituting a change in the outfits worn at the gala, but it seems celebs could be warned against wearing outfits that resemble props.