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China building tunnel from Tibet to New Delhi

22, Aug 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. After successfully intruding from North (Ladakh) and East (Arunachal), China is now its way to intrude directly to the capital of India.

Sources tell Faking News that Chinese Army under its secret mission named 新德里的, which means ‘Dilli Chalo’, is digging a tunnel from Tibet to New Delhi. The tunnel will open exactly at the place where the Parliament of India is situated.

China apparently planned this mission after its president Xi Jinping decided to have a face to face talk with all Indian MPs who are breathlessly condemning Ladakh and Arunachal intrusion.

The end of the tunnel in Tibet

“Our intentions are noble. We don’t mean war,” a Chinese official claimed, “Like we do in Ladakh, we will just camp inside the parliament for a few days. Indian Parliament is anyway a deserted place where no work takes place, so there shouldn’t be any problem if we make use of it.”

The tunnel has already been dug up to Haryana. It came into government’s notice only after Robert Vadra complained of some unnatural movement under the land owned by him.

However, the government is not publicly acknowledging this development.

“They may be archaeologists in Chinese army dress,” Defense Minister AK Antony downplayed the incident in a statement issued in the Lok Sabha.

Not satisfied with Antony’s statement, some BJP MPs demanded that Narendra Modi must be made the Prime Minister before China finishes the tunnel, but it led to pandemonium and the house was adjourned for the day.

Unconfirmed sources claim that Sonia Gandhi has asked Rahul to not step out of his home till the Chinese are back.

“Prime Minister will issue a statement soon. He’s currently learning Chinese language to issue a statement,” a PMO source explained the silence of the Prime Minister on this issue.

Meanwhile, inspired by the Chinese trick, Pakistan is also trying to dig a similar tunnel. But sources confirm that they are digging in wrong direction because of their cheap Chinese compass and are heading toward the Arabian Sea.