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China claims Ghatkopar citing presence of 'Mainland China' there

21, Jul 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Beijing: After Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh, China has now claimed that Ghatkopar is a part of China and India should hand over this area back to its rightful owner. Chinese government has said that the presence of ‘Mainland China’ in Ghatkopar clearly shows that this is Chinese territory and India should do the right thing. This latest development comes amidst a lot of tensions between the two neighbours in the tri-junction region of Bhutan, China and India.

Mainland China
Will this board cost India Ghatkopar?

This request has totally stumped India and nobody in the Indian government is quite sure how to react to that. There have been suggestions to unleash Arnab but security experts believe the strategy of western frontier may not work with China. Meanwhile, several Chinese papers have published articles saying that India has only 2 options now, agree to Chinese demands or prepare for the battle of Ghatkopar.

Speaking to the international press, a Chinese official said ,”Obviously Ghatkopar is a part of China, you can go and clearly see ‘Mainland China’ written over there. India can’t deny our claim this time like they did with Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. China has never claimed territory of any other country and our peaceful nation will never do it in future either but we will claim what is rightfully ours.”

Meanwhile, as per sources, several residents from South Mumbai have requested the Chinese to take all the Mumbai suburbs.