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China: We are not Nitish Kumar who will abuse you today and become friends later

28, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

In the first official meeting between top Indian and Chinese officials since the Doklam stand-off became public, national security adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval met state councillor Yang Jiechi here on Thursday, offering the possibility of serious diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the confrontation. China has even warned India that their threats are not like Nitish Kumar and should be taken seriously.

Ajit Doval in Beijing

Chinese officials have the feeling that Indian counterparts are not taking their threats seriously and so they have been constantly reminding  India about the dangers involved in doing so. After yesterdays happenings in Bihar politics, Nitish Kumar’s reputation of changing alliances has grown strongly and has even reached across the border to China. Chinese NSA conveyed it personally to Mr. Ajit Doval that China is not like Nitish who will abuse the opposition one day and become friends at a later stage. Earlier Ajit Doval had indicated that China is using psychological means to put India on the back foot, but after the  Nitish Kumar metaphor given by the Chinese officials, it has to be seen how the external affairs ministry acts.

JD-U workers have meanwhile hailed Nitish Ji’s decision as they think it was Nitish Ji’s decision that has put the party name on world map now. According to one of the party workers Jagdish Srivastava, even Chinese people today know the name of Nitish Kumar and that would help India in the future. Nitish Kumar in an interview with Faking News said that, “This was my whole plan, to make the news so big that even China acknowledges the power of Indians when it comes to diplomacy and politics. Whenever China will poses threat to Indian borders I will take such drastic measures for curbing their aggression.