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China offers to build replica copies of South China Sea for Vietnam and Philippines

13, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Beijing:  Chinese President Xi Jinping has come up with a new plan to resolve the dispute in South China Sea. President Jinping has offered to build a replica of the South China Sea for all the countries involved in the dispute.

Xi Jinping
1 South China Sea for everyone!

China has come up with his plan after an international tribunal in Hague said that China’s expansive claim to sovereignty over the South China Sea waters had no legal basis. China has refused to accept this ruling and decided to settle the dispute with other countries themselves.

Several countries have disputed claims to the waters including China, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and Brunei. China has offered to build them their own little South China Sea, even to Taiwan, a country it doesn’t officially acknowledge.

“All these tribunals are a waste of time; we must resolve the dispute ourselves instead of bringing outsiders in. Now we know Chinese capability in copying things and creating exact replicas, we can copy everything from the 7 wonders to the latest designs to the building, so we are going to use that expertise to create a sea for all the countries that stake a claim. Everyone gets their sea, China gets to keep the original because we will be doing all the hard work”, President Jinping said in a statement.

The statement further said, “Obviously we won’t be making an exact replica of the entire sea, too much space required. Therefore, we will only create replicas of the contentious reefs and atolls that are creating all this tension. The other countries are free to place them wherever they like, as long as its not in the original South China Sea.”

Meanwhile, President of Philippines rejected this offer and said,”Who knows how long a China constructed Sea will last, not willing to take that gamble.”