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China ready to work with Trump after getting assurance that Mexico wall will not surpass the China wall

01, May 2017 By dasu

Washington: It seems now all is well between China and US. President Trump has not only reversed his earlier stand against ‘one China Policy’, he has also categorically stated that the Mexico wall he is planning to make will never surpass the pride of all Chinese people, that is the Great Wall of China.

US China relations

Even before Trump became president, he always spoke how he will make a great wall on the border with Mexico and how that wall would surpass every other wall that has been constructed in the world till now. This is something the Chinese did not take lightly and told US categorically that they will pay heavy price if something like this happens.

“It seems after taking charge in few weeks Trump has understood, with so many problems already on his plate that it would be foolish to take China head on. President Obama had warned him earlier about any sour relationship with China and its impact on the US economy and trade”, said Mike Spicer, a retired US official.

Mr. Spicer added, “I am happy Mr. Trump who is so adamant in everything he does has taken a pragmatic view in this case and reversed his earlier stupid decision”.

Mr. Spicer further said that he is planning to shift to Canada soon as he is not expecting much from Trump’s team in next four years. He said, “I am most appalled at how no one in Trump’s team told him that the total length of US-Mexico border is roughly about 3000 kilometers. Looks like Trump is just a big mouth and has not done any home work on any of the subjects he has talked about or the kind of things he is doing right now”.

Chinese President has welcomed the gesture shown by Donald Trump and he has told Trump that China, with its expertise, would be happy to help him in making the Mexico wall ready in quick time.

“We have good experience in capturing land of our neighboring countries. If US needs our help, while making the wall we can capture a portion of Mexico and hand over to them”, said a spokesperson of Beijing administration.