China working on Men in Black like memory eraser so that people forget that coronavirus originated in China

15, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

While the country may not a hotspot for coronavirus currently, China is not letting its guard down.

memory eraser

Sources say that China has doubled down on its effort to eradicate traces of any association the country has with coronavirus by relying on technology.

China is working on a Men in Black like memory eraser that will wipe out any information on coronavirus from our collective memories.

Across the globe, many nations have criticized China for not stopping the spread of the disease which led to its spread. Not to mention how this has also fueled Sinophobia.

China wants to undo all that damage by the use of this memory eraser.

“It is called a neuralyzer, which will erase all traces of coronavirus from the memory. If China is successful carrying out its plan, it will impossible for anyone to find from where the virus originated. They even plan to get rid of all information in the virtual world which points at China’s culpability,” revealed a source under condition on anonymity, fearing for his existence.

America however downplayed any concerns over the use of neuralyzer. While speaking to reporters President Trump said, “I am not worried about that gadget. That flashy thing  won’t work on me. I have a beautiful memory. The only thing I forget is Melania’s birthday and our wedding anniversary, that’s it. Xi can do whatever he likes. I will forever remember that this one came from China.”