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Chinese celebrate 60 seconds of freedom and liberty with joy

01, Oct 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Beijing, China. Over a billion Chinese were overwhelmed with joy and gratitude when their communist government granted them complete freedom of expression and belief for an astonishing duration of sixty thousands and thirty seven milliseconds this evening. The duration lasted from to CST or Beijing Time. This exceptional blessing of generosity was bestowed upon the ordinary Chinese as it happened to be the National Day of the People’s Republic of China today.

“It was so much fun. I could finally access my friend’s blog who lives in India, in Dharmshala, Shimla. But I wish they had given us more time. I could just see his pictures where he was riding some small train in India with loads of clothes on his back. But in the other window, I could finally vote on the IMDB entry on Seven Years in Tibet and describe Tibet as a disputed territory in Wikimapia!” Mao Se Tang, a resident of Tibet shared his excitement.

Millions of other Chinese citizens had similar stories to tell when they lived their life unfettered for those glorious sixty seconds. The leading private news channel of China also put a question to the public for an SMS vote – “Do you think our government is faking economic recovery?” Unfortunately the news anchor immediately announced a commercial break and when the program resumed, the government had blacked out the channel as sixty seconds had passed by then. But the channel could earn by airing ads of American cars.

There were also some who misused the freedom like various young Chinese boys, who rampantly went on adding Taiwanese and American girls as friends on facebook. A few of them also logged on to pornographic sites but were disappointed to find that their connection to the server was reset by the government just too soon. All they could do in those sixty seconds was to close down the ubiquitous pop-up windows.

Hu Jintao on Limousine: Many see it as a symbol of communism reigning over capitalism
Hu Jintao on Limousine: Many see it as a symbol of communism reigning over capitalism

Chinese President Hu Jintao had ordered these unbridled celebrations as he yelled “let a thousands milliseconds bloom” while reviewing the parade of thousands of troops with thousands of missiles. The president wore a Mao jacket and rode in an open top red flag limousine and smiled ears from ears as he saw small soldiers carrying big missiles pass by him. He was happy, Hu was happy.

But there were some human rights activists who just can’t be happy with anything they get. They thought the “freedom minute”, as many in the western media called it, was not enough and China continued to be an apology for a democratic nation. The government has ordered arrest of these guys and labeling them “Made in China” before leaving them in the western countries.