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Chinese delegates intruded into Indian suites during G-20 summit

26, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Pittsburgh, USA. It seems that delegates from China had intruded into the rooms and suites reserved for Indian delegates during the recently concluded G-20 summit here, but Indian government is downplaying the incident, almost denying that it ever happened. Our sources confirm that at least seven Chinese delegates had broke into hotel rooms of Indians and took away pillows, bed-sheets and china-pots, before coloring the walls in red.

“None of the Indian delegates have reported such incident and we have no idea who planted such news in media. Furthermore, Pakistan is not a part of G-20, so we don’t suspect that such a thing can even happen. We appeal to Indian media not to report such imaginary stuff and spoil the relations with our friendly neighbor.” Indian high commissioner in the USA said.

A housekeeping girl showing a room suspected to be vandalized by Chinese delegates
A housekeeping girl showing a room suspected to be vandalized by Chinese delegates

But it seems that the Indian government is trying to hide some stuff as housekeeping guys hired for the G-20 summit confirm that many pillows, bed-sheets and crockery went missing after the two-day summit was over. They also confirmed that some rooms had red color paint sprinkled on the walls, although they couldn’t confirm if they rooms belonged to Indian delegates.

Security officials too expressed shock over the incidents as more than 20 million dollars were spent on security for the event. Protestors in the USA have cited the incident as the wasteful nature of G-20 summit, which they have accused of being a meeting ground of ‘capitalist cronies’.

Meanwhile, in a rather unfortunate incident, a 20-year-old Indian boy ran into Chinese embassy in Delhi and beat up the employees working there with an iron rod, critically injuring seven on them, five of whom were Indians. The boy, identified as Manoj Kumar, grandson of a war-veteran of 1962, has been taken into custody. He was allegedly very upset after media reports of Chinese incursions. Chinese ambassador to India has asked for an inquiry into the incident as he suspects Manoj to be a disciple of Dalai Lama.