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Chinese President assures he will put pressure on China to act against Masood Azhar

05, Sep 2017 By dasu

Xiamen (China): During the ongoing BRICS summit Chinese president Xi Jinping has assured everyone, “This is high time, he will put pressure on China government to direct Pakistan government to take some definitive action against Masood Azhar.”

The Xiamen declaration which was signed by Xi Jinping as well as other heads of BRICS group is the first one in history where premier of a country has taken an action item for his own team.

“Just look at the tone, the very strong and explicit language they have been used against terror in the document. I am definitely surprised by all these considering the BRICS summit is happening is China,” said a foreign expert who considers this is major diplomatic win for Modi & India.

‘It would look silly on the part of China if after this joint declaration in which their own president has signed on the top, do not do anything. They must speak to Pakistan to do something about it. My guess is they will allow a ‘noble’ soul like Azhar to be included in global terrorist list and if needed will teach him a lesson by doing ‘house arrest’ for one day at least,” added the foreign expert.

Pakistan in the meanwhile has strongly reacted to this news. “We never understand why in summits which we are not allowed to attend, they talk ‘bad’ about us. Pakistan deserves ‘respect’ for what it has done, what is doing and what it will do in future in the fight against terrorism. If they still have doubt, we are ready to clarify at the summit only, let them make it BRICSPa and call us,” said Pakistan foreign office spokesperson.

Guinness book of records is planning to include Maulana Masood Azhar in its record books. “Because he is the only person who have been ‘condemned’ at very possible multilateral forum, be it United Nations, G20 or BRICS, but not a single action has been taken against him. We lost count, at least half a million declarations have his name mentioned, this man deserves the record”, said the spokesperson of the Guinness records company.