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Chinese President unhappy with size of his hotel suite encroaches adjacent suite by breaking wall

17, Sep 2014 By idiot420

Ahmedabad. While resting in a five-star hotel in the city after long flight from Beijing to Ahmedabad, Chinese President Xi Jinping was so unhappy with the size of suite that he intruded into and encroached the adjacent suite by breaking the wall between them.

Jignesh, a staff of the luxurious Le Dakh hotel revealed that Xi Jinping was in Presidential Suite only for an hour, but he couldn’t stop himself from indulging in this act.

“Give me some space, more space”

“To make him feel at home, we had even blocked Facebook in the hotel. But despite all our efforts to make him happy, the suite with an area of just 4000 square feet made him very upset,” Jignesh recalled the incidents that took place earlier today.

Making his intentions clear to the person living in the adjacent suite, Xi Jinping started with sending his personal security guards carrying one of his suitcases and a small Chinese flag.

Chinese guards forcibly entered the next suite, roamed there for couple of minutes and finally came out after putting Xi Jinping’s suitcase and Chinese flag  inside, hotel sources tell Faking News.

“Later, Xi Jinping with help of his guards started breaking the wall between both suites, and within half an hour they combined them to make a Super Presidential Suite,” Jignesh revealed.

If Chinese sources are to be believed, it’s not the first time Xi Jinping had indulged in in such an act.

“Once in Japan, he encroached on the hotel suite just above his suite by blowing up the floor ceiling,” disclosed a Chinese source, whom we don’t believe.

Meanwhile alerted by Xi Jinping’s deeds, central government has immediately ordered authorities in Delhi to do the required changes in the hotel where Chinese President was scheduled to stay. It’s not yet clear whether it means building a stronger wall between suites or giving the President the entire hotel.

However, after multiple round of meetings, government has finally decided to play it safe by making Xi Jinping stay at Ramlila Maidan.

“A big tent house is being created covering whole of Ramlila Maidan. I don’t think Chinese President will complain anymore seeing tents and open areas,” said an optimistic central government official, “And the maidan will further remind him of democratic rallies and dharnas, something that will keep will distracted and puzzled.”