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Concerned with India's dominance, Donald Trump promises to scrap Spelling Bee if elected President

27, May 2016 By @jurnoleast

Washington: India’s dominance at the Spelling Bee competition may be a reason for celebration for the diaspora but it has rubbed the Republican Party nominee Donald Trump the wrong way.

Trump threatening bees
Trump threatening bees

Apparently Mr. Trump said that if he is elected to the post of President, scrapping spelling bee would in the list of ’top 10 things he’d do’.  In fact, sources say that Indian invasion of spelling bee is considered more serious by Donald Trump than illegal Mexican immigrants in the USA. Hence, before starting work on his famous wall, he is looking to ban spelling bee.

It is not clear as to what prompted Mr. Trump to make comment but sources say that the republican nominee was miffed at India’s dominance at spelling bee contests. “The other day we were just chilling at the Republican Party office after hectic day of campaigning and we happened to watch the Spelling Bee. Mr. Trump too was in the room and just after the winners were announced, Donald let out a shriek. He couldn’t believe that there was no white face on the screen,” said a source from the Republican Party.

“I will kill all those bees. I will take away all their honey if they let Indian kids win these contests. You know I am very rich so I can do anything,” Donald Trump is believed to have said to Republican Party workers.

Though Republican Party has not endorsed Mr. Trump’s comments, many members echoed similar sentiments and believed they had to do something about the spelling bees to make America Great Again.

Indian-American community however is in no mood to take this lightly.

After widespread protests by Indian-American community, Republican Party was forced to go slow on its ‘anti spelling bee’ stance.

Some Republican officials blamed the Democrats for spreading lies against Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump himself sought to issue a clarification on the entire controversy. While speaking on the Tonight Show he said, “This is a ‘Huge’ conspiracy against me. I haven’t made those statements. In fact I wasn’t at any rally in New Mexico in the first place. There were no riots in New Mexico, how do you expect me to hold a rally?”