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Congress says Manmohan Singh too didn't "talk" with Pak during meets, Modi has done nothing new

19, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Lashing out at Modi for cancelling talks with Pakistan, Congress argued that NDA govt could have sent a message even while continuing talks.

Citing example of former PM Manmohan Singh, Congress claimed that he would participate in the talks with Pakistan, but remain mum and stoic throughout the meet, thereby wasting Pakistan delegations time and energy.

Congress showed this pic to claim how Modi has been copying Manmohan's pose as well.
Congress showed this pic to claim how Modi has been copying Manmohan’s pose as well.

“This would ensure that talks wouldn’t happen without actually having to cancel them,” Salman Khurshid, former Minister of External Affairs explained how Dr. Singh, even at 80+, was master at trolling.

The fourth-at-Farrukhabad MP went on to reveal how with this approach Manmohan Singh was successful in keeping Pakistan busy for nothing, thereby taking their focus away from terrorism, ceasefire violations, etc. for a while.

“With Modi’s approach of no talks, there is a huge risk of Pakistan now diverting the money thus saved on our hospitality, in buying more arms and explosives,” Khurshid feared.

Crediting the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi for coming up with talk-yet-no-talk approach, Khurshid further pointed how such a silent methodology ensured that trade between the two countries was not affected.

“Now with no talks, this will be a setback for the Ajmer tour operators and Biryani cottage industry of India,” Khurshid predicted.

Congress further accused Modi of not doing anything new and trying to be needlessly tough with Pakistan.

“There is no need to be unnecessarily aggressive and show you are potent. When BJP is trying to follow so many of our policies, why shy away from completely adopting Manmohan’s stance on foreign policies?” he asked.

“Or Modi could have simply invited Pak again, and asked them Ab aa toh gaye ho, par jaoge kaise?” quipped the former Farrukhabad MP.

Some other Congress leaders called this step as attempt to appease terrorist from across the border.

“People like Shri Hafiz Saeed janaab saab is not in favor of Indo-Pak talks. Modi is just trying to play into his hands,” party leader Digvijay Singh pointed out.