Coronavirus enters PSU bank branch, leaves after employees ask it to come after lunch

04, Feb 2020 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. The spread of the Wuhan coronavirus shows no signs of slowing, as China reported another major spike in both confirmed cases and deaths in the region at the heart of the epidemic.


The virus also tried to enter India and some cases have been confirmed. But credit goes to the PSU bank branches for fighting against the virus in the most amazing way. Just today, coronavirus tried to enter a PSU bank branch but it was stopped at the entrance by the watchman who asked it to come after lunch.

The virus insisted that it doesn’t have too much time and wanted to meet some employees but the watchman was insistent that the virus should come after lunch timings. The coronavirus agreed and again tried entering the office after the lunch timings, but all in vain as the employees were still having their lunch. The tired virus left the bank and vowed to never come back. All its effort in coming to India from China after a long journey went into vain.

The Chinese government has consulted the Indian ministry to send some PSU employees to China to help them fight the deadly virus in their own style.