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Country leaders in ‘cost-cutting’ mode request PM Modi if he could highlight their issues during foreign visits

06, May 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: As part of cost-cutting measures some countries have found a novel way to minimize the cost associated with their country heads foreign visits.

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It works like this. Instead of visiting the same country, they will look for if some leader from their friendly nations list is visiting. They will hand over their list of agendas to the him so that he can pass it when he meets his counterpart during foreign visit.

This concept is nothing new in India. It’s like parents, uncles coming from home town to meet their son daughter, nephew or niece always carried few extra packs of snacks if some other fellow from same hometown studied in the same college.

However, it has become a big problem for India’s PMO. First of all, India has good relationship with many and India’s PM visits foreign visits frequently. Due to this, PMO is flooded with letters containing list of agendas other country heads have sent.

“If our Prime minister will talk on behalf of other countries, when he will raise our matter. That’s why we have told for 2 day visits we will accept five requests on first come first serve basis”, said a senior official of PMO.

Karnataka BJP is not happy PM taking foreign trips on the eve of the state election instead of campaigning in this crucial southern state, however there is a section in BJP feels proud of it.

“Now whole world has started recognizing PM Modi. He does not feel the pain of Indians only, he feels the pain of people staying in far corners of the world”, said a BJP leader.

PMO is planning to take PM’s maan ki baat global where last thirty minutes PM will about world problems which would be translated & broadcasted in the respective country’s official language.