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Cricket fans attack newspaper office after it publishes derogatory cartoon of N Srinivasan

08, Jan 2015 By Pavan

Chennai. Cricket is considered as a religion in India and N. Srinivasan as its godfather. All the board members and some of the cricketers worship him and get his blessings on the timely basis.

Saving ourselves from future attacks by not publishing the cartoon.
Saving ourselves from future attacks by not publishing the cartoon.

This faith and trust of the cricket religion was in utter shock and anger, when one of the leading newspapers published derogatory cartoon of their godfather N. Srinivasan.

All the board member fans and cricket players’ fans took to streets in protest of the newspaper by attacking all the staff including non-journalists for portraying their godfather in such a bad manner.

When Faking News got in touch with one of the attackers he said, “Is this the way to portray our godfather? The person who has drawn this cartoon should be aware about our holy cricket rule book which we use to bend rules according to our needs. We are such a peace-loving cricket fanatics who just throw bottles in the ground when our team is losing a match, we just pelt stones to cricketers house when they don’t perform. Since it is written in our holy rule book we are bound to do it and no one can question our peace-loving nature, if they do then we will attack them according to our holy rule book and no matter how barbarically we act, we will always be considered as a peace-loving cricket fans.”

Some of the eminent journalists have justified the act by the cricket fans and said they are victims of their own game and you cannot put the blame on entire cricketing fraternity just for the act of some fundamentalist cricket fans, asking us to not forget football fans, who are most dangerous to the entire sporting community and they have been involved in most of the riots happened around India world.

Meanwhile BCCI has issued a statement denouncing the attack, further clarifying that N Srinivasan was a man who had always promoted peace through noble ideas like IPL, and deeds of a few people shouldn’t be used to force BCCI to pay taxes.