We have a democratic setup where everyone has equal right of following the army orders: Imran Khan

01, Mar 2019 By Guest Patrakar

NEW DELHI: Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan Varthaman, captured by Pakistan on Wednesday, will be released today as a “gesture of peace”, Imran Khan declared on Thursday, signaling a pullback hours after the US called for immediate de-escalation. Imran Khan, whose country is repeatedly criticized for not having a democratic set up has answered the critics by saying that Pakistan is, in fact, one of the best democracies.


Imran was speaking to the press on Thursday where he said that ” Every citizen in Pakistan has an equal right to follow the army orders and there is no discrimination made among the citizens.

Whenever the army passes an order we democratically follow those orders. In my government also, we make sure that after every army order we do a meeting and decide how to implement those orders. Everyone is allowed to chip in with ideas and no differences are practiced in my cabinet.”

Imran’s Speech is a big slap on all those who have continuously bashed Pakistan for not having a credible democratic setup. Imran has also ensured that even on the matter of escalation with India, he is continuously monitoring the Army decisions and will ask his citizens to do the same.