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Donald Trump announces free B-1 visas to Mirzapuris. Here’s why.

17, Oct 2018 By Ad-min

That the B-1 allows temporary US entry for limited business purposes and short durations is well-known and the process people go through to get one is quite tedious. Donald Trump has been pretty vocal about clamping down on the no of visas issued to Indians in a bid to promote homegrown talent. And that is the precise reason why yesterday was a shocker for the Indian government when Trump announced free B-1 visas to people of Mirzapur, yes, only people of Mirzapur.


At first, the decision was seen as just another weird statement by Trump, but the Whitehouse has clarified that it is an official stand taken by the President. Viewers of Trump’s recent speeches have begun noticing minor abnormalities in his views and knowledge about a subject, but even for them, the mention of Mirzapuris was too much to digest.

When contacted, the External Affairs Ministry officials denied their role in convincing Trump to give free visas to Mirzapur residents. But nevertheless, it was a historic moment for the city of Mirzapur and celebrations were seen in full flow with people feeding cake to the poster of Donald Trump at many places.

English coaching classes have come up overnight in Mirzapur to train people who want to go to the US. The industry insiders believe that it is someone called Kaleen Bhaiya who has ordered Trump to give Mirzapuris a favorable treatment in Visa allocation.

We had reported sometime back about how the most watched show in recent times, Big Boss, also bore the brunt when none other than Big Boss himself got a call from Kaleen Bhaiya. The Kaleen Bhaiya stories have overshadowed the Taimur stories which is a difficult act. Suddenly there is a shortage of journalists covering Taimur stories, as most of them are busy finding out about Kaleen Bhaiya.


It all started when the busiest actor in Bollywood, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, posted on Instagram that he has to leave everything to go and meet Kaleen Bhaiya.


It definitely didn’t end there, with Sunny Leone, the most talked after female celebrity in India, also posting something very similar. Sunny, who is known for her work ethic and busy schedule, had to cancel the shoot, to go and meet Kaleen Bhaiya.

Suddenly it was seen that many Social Media influencers and other renowned celebrities of the entertainment industry sharing the news that they have been called by Kaleen Bhaiya and they have to stop work immediately.


The most recent one is of Ali Fazal sharing a screenshot of Kaleen Bhaiya calling him yesterday on Insta story. Looks like the whole social media feed has been hijacked by some guy named Kaleen Bhaiya. 

Given the clout that Kaleen Bhaiya enjoys over some of the most powerful people in the world, it does give some substance to the rumor that Kaleen Bhaiya has a part to play in Trump’s decision too.

The king of Mirzapur as he has been called in the media circles during recent times now wants Mirzapuris to have an easy access to the US too. It won’t come to us as a surprise if some other powerful men too are controlled by Kaleen Bhaiya. But that again raises more questions than it answers. Which type of people does he want to control? Who would be his next target?

One thing that is pretty clear is that Kaleen Bhaiya is a powerful and influential man who controls other powerful personalities. We are keeping close tabs on all latest happenings surrounding the Kaleen Bhaiya stories and will get back with any relevant information on the same.

 For now, we have found this video online that gives us a glimpse into Kaleen Bhaiya.