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Donald Trump to bomb CNN HQ in 4th of July fireworks show

04, Jul 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Washington DC: United States of America is all set to celebrate its 242nd Independence Day. Fireworks shows are planned all across the country and the President, Donald Trump, has planned his own special fireworks show. As per White House sources, President Trump is all set to bomb the hell out of CNN Headquarters to mark this special occasion.

As per sources, President Trump wants everyone around the world to see this ‘spectacular’ show and has told his staff that the flames from the wreckage should be visible all the way from Mexico.

CNN and Trump, still a better love story than Twilight

President Trump is involved in a long running feud with the network and has repeatedly spoken against it on various platforms. A couple of days back, President Trump tweeted a video where he could he seen beating the crap out of a CNN logo. many people thought it was a joke but apparently, it was a warning. Now Trump is all set to destroy the CNN headquarters with an unpresidented unprecedented fireworks show.

Without confirming anything, President Trump tweeted – “This 4th of July, we will see a great show, a great great show. I will give the people a fireworks show that will be really great, really really great.”

He later followed it up with another tweet saying, “Today I end the #fakenews network once and for all, today I give you freedom from #fakenews. Today, we can truly celebrate our Independence Day!”

CNN executives don’t seem to be too concerned about it though. Speaking to faking News, a senior CNN executive said ,”We are not worried about this attempt to bomb us, we have full faith in his incompetence.”