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Donald Trump confident that there are still groups in US that he hasn't offended yet

31, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New York City: Republican candidate for the upcoming US Presidential election, Donald Trump has said that he hasn’t run out of people to offend in America. Mr. Trump expressed confidence that there are still many groups in USA that he can offend as the campaign enters its home stretch.

“You will be offended”

Critics have accused Trump of offending just about everyone in America during the course of his campaign but Trump has denied these charges saying he isn’t even close. He has also said that he is going to shed his nice guy image and will work extra hard to offend everyone before the election date.

“Crooked Hillary’s team is spreading rumours that I have already offended everyone in America and I have nothing to do for the next 3 months. This is a complete lie just like everything else that comes out of Hillary’s mouth. There are still individuals I have to attack, groups I can offend and foreign ambassadors I can threaten. I really have a lot of work to do”, Mr. Trump said at an event in NYC.

“This is just a conspiracy by crooked Hillary to portray me as a spent force. However, we are just getting started. Wait for my debates with crooked Hillary to see my ability to offend”, Trump added.

Trump’s abrasive and offensive personality has seen him win the Republican primary with ease and he is giving stiff competition to Hillary Clinton as the election date approaches.

After making these statements, Donald Trump took to Twitter to express his feelings. He tweeted “Crooked Hillary lying when she says I have offended everyone. She wants to win only through lies. Sad”

Experts believe that Donald Trump may start attacking his own supporters now to keep his promise of offending everyone before the elections.