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Donald Trump secretly worried that he may end up becoming President

12, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New York City: Despite all the bravado in public, sources reveal that Donald Trump is a really worried man these days. Donald Trump is concerned that Americans may end up making him the US President after all.

Donald Trump
What the hell is happening

Speaking to faking News, a close aide of Mr. Trump said, “Well he entered the race because he thought it would be fun. He thought he will get a stage to insult politicians and journalists, something we all want to do. And boy did he do that handsomely, every politician from Republicans to the Democrats was rubbed the wrong way by the Donald. The plan was to enjoy insulting these guys for a couple of months and then drop out but thanks to the incompetent opponents, he kept growing in popularity.”

Donald trump is the presumptive Republican candidate after Ted Cruz and John Kasich suspended their campaigns. Recent polls show that he is making major gains against Hillary Clinton as well in national polls. This has made Trump seriously consider the possibility that he could be the next President after all.

“We thought people will appreciate that this is a guy out for some fun and at the same time promote his business. However, it seems people have taken him too seriously and with the momentum he has, he may end up becoming the President after all. That wasn’t the plan. We seriously underestimated how much our existing politicians suck”, Trump’s aide said.

While pollsters are still saying Hillary Clinton is favorite to become the President in November, Donald Trump isn’t relying on that now and has started devoting time to learn policy matters.

“He has to learn everything now since one can’t go the UN general assembly and call other world leaders crooks, liars and goofy. That sounds believable only when used for American politicians”, a political expert based in Washington said.