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Donald Trump will appoint a panel of spelling bee winners to check his tweets before posting

19, Dec 2016 By dasu

Washington: In an ‘unpresidented’ move, US President-elect Donald Trump will create a new department which will only consist of spelling bee winners. This department will ensure Trump’s tweets are never misspelled and they will be held responsible if something like this happens in future.

Now how do you spell China

“This department will be our single largest state department as Mr. Trump does not want to take any more chance with his tweets”, said a US government official who has been given the task of contacting present and past winners of spelling bee competition to bring them on board.

“I have contacted spelling bee winners of past fifteen years. This is also a slap on the faces of people who thought that Mr Trump will lead a very racist government. By giving place to the spelling bee winners, Mr Trump has shown that he is willing to bring India-Americans on board as he sets out to Make America Great Again. His comments on H1B visa hadn’t gone down well with the Indians so he is mending those bridges with this step”, the official added.

When we contacted Twitter, the spokesperson of the company said, “Twitter has in built spell check but apparently he ignores that. We would have told him about this feature but he didn’t invite us to his recent tech meeting as we are too small a company for him. Maybe he knows about the spell check but doesn’t trust software of a small company and needs teams everywhere guiding and helping him out.”

Meanwhile, outgoing President Barack Obama has asked the rest of the world to ignore whatever Trump tweets. “If you are offended by what he tweets, please don’t. Within 24 hrs even he will disagree with his own statement while denying that he ever made that statement”, Obama said.