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Drone that Pakistan shot down was the IIN drone, inventor boy to make it again

17, Jul 2015 By amuseddesi

New Delhi. Pakistan claimed that it has shot down an Indian spy drone. However it has turned out that the drone belonged to a bakery and was on a bread delivery mission near Line of control (LoC). The same world famous bakery, where an IIN student had created history.

When Faking news reached out to the student who invented the talking drone, he said, “Late last night we received an order from Bhimber in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Pakistanis said they were too hungry and wanted some bread. We promptly delivered within 30 minutes. However, when drone was returning it was shot down by Pak army. Looks like they deliberately did it to steal the technology since they don’t have access to IINs in Pakistan.”

The brave son of India has been attacked by Pakistan
The brave son of India has been attacked by Pakistan

He also said that this will not deter him and he was planning to recharge his data plan, access IIN, and build a new drone.

“Yes, I’ve forgotten whatever I learnt from IIN, but good thing about this university is that you can become a student anytime,” the drone inventor said.

However Mr. Sabu, father of the inventor and owner of the bakery, was distraught.

“We had recently fired our delivery guys since majority of the delivery was done through the drone. Now I need to hire people again as I am not sure that my son can top IIN again. These days everyone is with IIN and competition is very tough. Also, I have invested all my recent profits on upgrading the drone. Because of this, I am almost broke now and don’t even have money for recharging my son’s data plan.”

Faking News also reached out to the Pak army command, and their version seems to be very different.

An officer who did not want to be named, said, “We ordered Biriyani from them. Instead they sent few loafs of bread and the drone was repeatedly saying –  Apologies, we ran out of Biriyani as your Kasab ate it all. We were irritated and angry, but we were not able to shut it up, so we had to shoot it down because we were very close to LoC and could not risk being spotted by Indian forces.”

Meanwhile Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi visited the drone inventor’s family and announced that party will pay for IIN student’s data plans. Announcing this help, he said, “Modi is not 56 inch but 56 kbps. Congress is the broadband, and I am 4G.”