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I am ecstatic at the win, now can someone please tell me what a President is supposed to do: Donald Trump

09, Nov 2016 By @jurnoleast

Donald Trump, who edged Hillary Clinton to claim stake for the White House, while addressing a huge crowd of Republican supporters said that he was ecstatic at the victory but clueless about what the President is supposed to do once elected.

trump vicory

“This is a HUGE win. Our dream to make America Great Again has finally come true. But can someone please tell me how do we do that. I need some help here,” he said, as the crowd chanted his name.

Though the new President seems clueless about his responsibilities. “He said ‘Let’s make America Great Again’, but i think it’ll need another 4 years to figure out how he’ll go about doing that,” said a media analyst.

Republican sources say that Donald Trump has already asked BuzzFeed to come up with a list of ’10 Things a new President is supposed to do after assuming office’.

When questioned about his campaign promises such as ‘building a wall’ and ‘putting Hillary in jail’, Mr. Trump said that he won’t back off on what he said. “I have already WhatsApped a jail emoji to Hillary, to give her an indication of things to come,” he said with a smug expression.

Meanwhile, the White House officials are already preparing for the arrival of the new President. The library has been converted into a locker room for Mr. President to have that all important discussion. Extra beds have also been ordered so that he can be comfortable. Besides around 20 pussycats will stroll in the garden for Mr. Trump to grab hold of them whenever he feels like,” said a caretaker at the White House.