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In an effort to mediate, Trump enacts Nana Patekar's scene from Krantiveer to sort out differences between Hindus and Muslims in Kashmir

23, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

Donald Trump has once again offered to mediate and resolve the long standing Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan. Surprisingly his latest effort has a bollywood connection to it.

trump nana

While speaking before assembled reporters at the White House Media Center he said how Hindu and Muslims in Kashmir should resolve their differences through talks. “I know the issue goes beyond geographical differences. People from both communities don’t get along well with each other,” he said.

The US President even re-enacted the famous scene from Krantiveer where Nana Patekar, in his own fiery style, tries to reason out with people from both communities.

Trump picked up a paper weight and hammered it on the finger of one of his aide till it started bleeding. Then he did the same to another aide standing to his left and mixed the oozing blood on his palm.

“There you go. Now tell me which is Hindu blood and which one is Muslim. I am sure none of you can. This is my solution to the Kashmir issue. Don’t build walls between people. That is my job,” Trump said while enacting the scene.

White House insiders say that Trump is a big Nana Patekar fan and has watched Tiranga multiple times. The movie in fact inspired Trump to remove fuse conductors from North Korean missiles when the talks between him and Kim Jong Un failed.

Trump has also promised to build Trump towers in JnK and provide housing to people irrespective of their religion and money being the only deciding factor.