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Explosive video surfaces of Donald Trump speaking respectfully about women, expected to hurt his chances

10, Oct 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New York: Still reeling from the impact of the release of a video tape last week, Donald Trump has been hit with another video leak that is expected to severely dent his chances of becoming the President. In an exclusive, Faking News has accessed this video of Donald Trump speaking very respectfully about women.

Will he get 1 more chance?

The video shows Donald Trump speaking very politely to an unidentified female. Trump praises her for her achievements, her intellect, and her wisdom. After that, he goes on to praise all the strong and independent women he has met in his life. Throughout the 5 minutes long video, Trump doesn’t make even one reference to her body or her race. He doesn’t even try to ‘grab any p***y’, shocking everyone.

“I don’t know how he can recover from this, he survived so many minor and major controversies but this looks like the end of the road. His ratings were dependent on him being disrespectful to everyone, more disrespectful he became, higher his ratings jumped. Now with this video coming out in the open, all his supporters are going to feel so lost. They will start wondering whether they really know the man they were supporting till now”, a leading political analyst said.

Senior leaders of Republican Party have already started distancing themselves from Trump after the news of this video broke. As per sources, Mike Pence is finally thinking about getting off the ticket as well.

A veteran Republican leader speaking on the condition of anonymity said,”I don’t know how to rescue this situation. It may be too late for him to step down. We may have to concede the election even before any votes are cast. Maybe we can ask The Donald to apologize for his behavior and assure everyone that he doesn’t respect anyone, least of all women. If that apology doesn’t get accepted, we might as well wrap up this campaign and start preparing for the next one.”

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was seen wearing ‘I M GONNA B PRESIDENT’ T-shirt after hearing about this video.