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FBI announces Photoshop contest for altering Osama’s pictures

16, Jan 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Washington, D.C., USA. After the US State Department issued a couple of digitally-altered photos showing how Osama Bin Laden may look like today, FBI has now announced a public photoshopping competition to come up with more options. Although FBI has termed the competition as a sincere attempt to involve US and global citizens in the war against terror, our sources inform that the investigating agency was not happy with the quality of photoshopping done by the State Department.

FBI has been hunting for Osama since his name was added to the list of ten most wanted fugitives in June 1999. The only clue that they had was a photo of Osama that was taken way back in 1998 and they have been using the same photo for almost eleven years now as they hunted for him all over the world.

During a Christmas party last year, FBI realized that Osama would have grown older in these years and might have started looking different. They filed a confidential report on the same to the State Department, asking them to provide them further clues.

FBI has appealed not to come up with such photoshopped images as it may not help them
FBI has appealed not to come up with such photoshopped images as it may not help them

“The State Department could come up with only two options – one with beard and another without beard. Contrast it with the images of Obama they come up with after each event. For god’s sake they even have a flickr photostream for publishing photos! They surely could have done a better job if they were serious in catching Osama. FBI was mighty pissed off and decided to take control of the situation, as they have been doing since the JFK days.” our source Deep Throat informed.

When contacted by Faking News, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton refused to comment on the reports indicating rift between the State Department and the FBI. But she defended her office for issuing just two options of how Osama might be looking today.

“We don’t want to confuse our troops and agencies further. We did try more options but a few of those pictures started looking like a well known Sheikh in the middle-east and an ex-President and General from Pakistan. You know, our department is also responsible for cordial relationship with other countries and hence we decided to release the least controversial of the photographs.” Clinton revealed.

FBI officials too have denied reports of any rift and hoped that the photoshopping competition would help them catch the elusive Al Qaida chief.

“Osama could be hiding anywhere and in any country – in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, India, or even in places like China and Cuba – the common man has to be aware of these threats and help us in the war against terror. That’s the only aim of this competition and not to challenge the photos released by the State Department.” Robert Mueller, Director of FBI said.

Faking News has decided to support FBI and asks its reader to submit photoshopped photographs of Osama either by mailing or commenting on the article, wherever it appears.