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Feel good factor revived, Achche Din look real after Donald Trump says, “India is doing great”

31, Jan 2016 By Mishtik Journo

New Delhi: Tens of millions of Indians are in high spirits after US presidential candidate Donald Trump said, “India is doing great, nobody talks about it”.

Republican presidential front runner made this statement during an interview on CNN. A wide spectrum of Indians were visibly overjoyed with this endorsement.

Donald Trump giving his thumbs up to Achhe Din
Donald Trump giving his thumbs up to Achhe Din

“Overnight, I felt as if I got a hike of 20% in my salary and my boss finally approved my leave”, commented an elated Archit Bhargava who opens umbrella in New Delhi as soon as it starts to rain in New York, “Its good to know that we are doing well”.

Jay Banerjee, an executive with a multinational who rates Moody’s as more credible than our own CAG told Faking News in an optimistic tone mixed with less skepticism than earlier, “I will immediately begin working on my new start-up, I thought the achche din talk by our PM was all in the air but now it seems very real”.

“After the statement, Trump’s popularity in India is going to shoot up”, Sumit Pandey, a prominent political journalist observed, “We in India love praise coming from a firangi. Should he lose elections in the US, he can contest from any constituency here and win hands down. Trump’s one sentence is more effective than hundred statements from Modi promising achche din.”

Think tanks in many political parties are actively considering calling foreign personalities like Trump from the west rather than Bollywood film stars to campaign for them and hold rallies during future elections. “What they say is definitely more credible in the eyes of the public” was the general sentiment.

A senior party functionary from Bihar, however, was not so sure, “No one knows whether Trumpji is a Yadav or brahmin or a thakur. How will we decide where to take him to address the right constituencies”

“There is no looking back for India now! Whether its Trump ji or Obama ji, Chaay pe Charcha with US will continue”, a visibly happy Sushma Swaraj, thrilled with the Trump endorsement, told Faking News, “Achche din aane wale hain naheen achche din aa chuke hain“, she added

Meanwhile, after this Trump statement, Nivesh is even more confident of India growth story and has put in additional six lakhs rupees into Indian stock markets eyeing 50000 on the Sensex sooner than he had thought.