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Following ODI series loss, PM Modi to re-tour Bangladesh to discuss cricketing ties

22, Jun 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Following the embarrassing ODI series defeat to Bangladesh, PM Modi has decided to re-tour Bangladesh, this time to discuss cricketing ties with his counterpart.

This time instead of West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, her cricketing equivalent Bengal player Ashok Dinda is expected to accompany PM Modi to Bangladesh.

“We never thought a day would come when we will have to discuss about cricket with them. That is why we talked about all other things except cricket. Going by India’s record against Bangladesh, we thought cricket was hardly a bone of contention for us and thus chose to over look it during our recent visit,” a PMO official told Faking News.

“WTF Hasina Ji”

“In fact their PM Hasina tried her best to bring up the cricket issue by pointing towards that infamous ‘no-ball incident‘ during world cup clash, but Modi ji smartly evaded it every time,” he went on to reveal.

The official further admitted that this step was being also taken keeping in mind opposition to Modi.

“We fully trust Modi ji’s critics to somehow call his first visit a debacle following this series loss, hence as a preemptive measure we have decided to go there once again and sign a cricket pact,” he explained.

As per this pact, irrespective of the format of the game played between 2 nations, Bangladesh would be allowed to defeat India only once in 2 years that too with a close margin. In rest of the games India would be romping home comfortably.

“If Bangladeshis refuse to sign this pact, we will declare them East Pakistan, thus automatically disqualifying their players from taking part in IPL,” he warned.

Meanwhile almost out of Champions trophy, Pakistan still went ahead and celebrated Bangladesh’s win over India.

“Now you won’t be able to defeat us in a world level cricketing tournament. That’s in your face Endia!” said an excited Pakistani from Kashmir.