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After a "fried lizard" was found in McDonald's Kolkata branch, Chinese people demand the same as food in their outlets

04, Mar 2017 By sagarcasm

Beijing: Food lovers from all over China have demanded the “Deep Fried Lizard” as a part of McDonald’s menu, which was accidentally served along with French Fries to a family in Kolkata’s McDonald’s outlet.

Deep fried lizard (1)

The regular customers of a McD in China have demanded immediate action on the issue, otherwise they will boycott the restaurant for the rest of their lives. People took to the streets of Beijing among other places and asked McD to take their request in consideration.

While speaking to a Faking News reporter in Beijing, an angry Chinese food lover Lee Chow said, “This is injustice with China – McDonalds is launching some amazing new food items like a fried lizard in India but nothing in China. I know the reason why they are doing this to us. McDonalds is an American company and the president of America is Donald Trump who is known to favour India and hate China. I am not lovin’ it.”

Though McDonalds is global company but it is well known for bringing local flavours to each country it operates in. They listen to what their local customers demand. Hence, they will include the “Mc Fried Lizard” as food item on their menu in China. In a press release issued by the McDonalds, it was mentioned – “We are bringing some new food items in our restaurants in China like Mc Fried Lizard, Mc Muffin Frog Sausage and Double Cheese cobra burger, among others.”

The stock prices of McDonlds Corporation have doubled after this announcement. Inspired by McD in China, the Pakistan McD will also introduce new items like RDX milkshake and grenade hamburger.