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Geologists plead to Rahul Gandhi asking him not to speak in Parliament, say 'Earth's crust too fragile for earthquake'

14, Dec 2016 By @jurnoleast

Geologists from British Geology Association have sent a written request to Congress VP Rahul Gandhi pleading him to refrain from speaking in the Parliament as it would leading to an earthquake.


Speaking to Faking News, Senior Geologist Anthony Bellweather said, “The Earth’s crust is too fragile at the moment and if Mr. Rahul Gandhi speaks it would lead to unprecedented devastation across the globe. We have been monitoring seismic activity and things are not looking very good. The consequences could be catastrophic. We have sent across a request asking him to speak, if he so desires, for not more than 15 minutes.”

Congress party has acknowledged that they did indeed receive a request asking Mr. Gandhi to remain silent. But there was no official statement from the party. Senior party leaders were seen speculating that it could also be another ‘Modi move’ to blind people from the demonetization fiasco.

After having been adjourned yet today, the Parliament saw the presence of Rahul Gandhi and even as he spoke, tremors were felt along the Hindukush mountains. Clearly the claims of Geologists were not unfounded.

BJP lashed out at Rahul Gandhi saying that his hatred for the PM has blinded him from larger good. “Why does he need to speak. No one understands what he says. Besides, he doesn’t make any sense. If he keeps his mouth shut in the Parliament, at the most we will be deprived of entertainment. But at least there wont be any earthquake,” said BJP leader Mr. Naidu.