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Gujaratis use Marijuana legalization in Canada as a business opportunity, sell Marijuana flavored Khakhras

23, Jul 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Ottawa: This fall, Canada is set to become the 2nd nation in the world to allow legal consumption of recreational marijuana. The Cannabis Act, passed by the Canadian Senate on June 21, controls and regulates the growth, distribution and sale of recreational marijuana in Canada. Gujaratis, who are known to use each and every big announcement as a Business opportunity have started selling marijuana flavored Khakhras in Canada and are earning a bomb.


Similar to Canada, support for legalization has grown dramatically over the past 20 years in the US too. Given the number of Gujaratis in US, it will make for a big industry if it happens soon. Using or growing marijuana in India is illegal and so many Gujaratis are setting up a manufacturing base in Canada. The number of Gujaratis flying to Canada has increased manyfold in the past month and given the trend they are soon going to outnumber the Punjabis living there. Khakhra business in US is a big one with the large consumer base of Gujaratis, and soon it will become one of the highest selling items in Canada. Canadian PM, who was very vocal about the Indo-Canada relationship would be happy to see such interest shown by the business community in Canada.

Justin Trudeau has promised every possible help for the Gujarati community and has promised that he will make Khakhra, a healthy snack, very popular in Canada. Nawazuddin is expected to be the brand ambassador of the Marijuana flavored Khakhra and given his knowledge of marijuana and its use, it will give a huge boost to the industry.

The U.S. is not far behind Canada on the path to legalizing recreational marijuana. Companies are lining up to take advantage of the largest potential cannabis market in the world. It’s inevitable.