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Hafiz Saeed announces retirement from International Terrorism: Rajnath Effect?

05, Aug 2016 By @jurnoleast

Lahore: Hafiz Saeed who had vehemently protested Rajnath Singh’s visit to Pakistan today shocked the terror world by announcing retirement from all forms of terrorism except terror against India.

Hafiz Saeed waving goodbye to his followers
Hafiz Saeed waving goodbye to his followers

Speaking to his supporters from his house in Lahore he said that the time had come for him to make way for the younger generation. “I have given all I could, but now I the time is just right for me now to take a break and let the youth take over.”

When questioned about his successor he smiled and said, “That is for the ISI to decide.”

Sources close to Hafiz Saeed have said the real reason for his retirement was his inability to ‘oppose’ the Rajnath in a proper way. “All they did was walk on the street with a few hundred followers. I have to admit that it is embarrassing for an outfit like JuD. He should either make up for it or just step down,” said the source.

“Increasing pressure from ISI led to the veteran announcing his retirement,” he added.

Reports also reveal that though he will play the role of consultant in JuD, he will be actively involved in all terror activities against India.

Meanwhile, separatists and several well-wishers from media from across the border tweeted their good wishes for JuD chief.

A spokesperson for the party said that a grand farewell was being planned for Hafiz Saeed,which will be attended by the top chiefs of terror organizations, ISI officials and few media persons. Invites for which have already been sent.