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Hamid Karzai threatens to turn gay if his wife doesn't stop nagging

10, Apr 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Kabul, Afghanistan. Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai is reportedly very upset with constant nagging of his wife Zeenat Quraishi, and has threatened to turn gay if his wife didn’t mend her ways. Sources say that the President handed out this rather unusual threat during a closed-door meeting with his wife and family members, where they had assembled to discuss family problems like possession of remote-control while watching television.

“Yes, the President is very upset and he doesn’t enjoy it when Her Highness scolds him for leaving wet towel on the bed or waking up late.” said an official working in the President’s Office.

According to well placed sources, such instances of nagging, which are rather common and usual in conjugal relationships, have been going on since Mr. Karzai took over the post of a Husband in 1999, but it’s yet not clear what caused the President to issue a threat to turn gay.

Karzai and Bush
According to some experts, Hamid Karzai is missing his good old days, which has caused him to turn very irascible recently

“Of late, President Karzai has been facing a lot of pressure to carry out reforms (in his personality), but he wants to take his own sweet time and not go by his wife’s guidelines.” informed the official, adding, “he believes that if he changed his ways under pressure, this would send out a sign of being a henpecked husband; something that Taliban rebels can use to their advantage as they have always projected themselves as macho men.”

The official, who spoke to Faking News on conditions of anonymity as he feared reprisals, also pointed out the irony that perhaps Karzai didn’t realize but his threat to turn gay could also be used by Taliban against him.

Meanwhile, Worldwide Wives Federation (WWF) has criticized President Karzai for his outbursts and has demanded an immediate apology or clarification on his remarks.

“Not only are the remarks are frustrating and unfortunate, it also shows a homophobic and misogynist mentality of Mr. Karzai. And what kind of threat is this to turn gay against one’s wife? Does he believe that a woman marries for sex only? I’m sorry; the President has got it all wrong.” WWF President Noori said.

But it seems that the outburst of Mr. Karzai may not go waste as latest reports coming in indicate that his wife Zeenat has agreed to talk in a more loving way to him from now on.