Happy with India allowing export of hydroxychloroquine to US, Trump says he too will participate in PM Modi's Sunday event

10, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

Just days after hinting at a retaliation, Trump administration has softened its stand after India agreed to export hydroxychloroquine.

Happy with the announcement, The US President reciprocated by saying that he will ‘remember the favor’, also agreeing to participate in PMs next Sunday task.

While speaking to reporters at White House, Trump said, “I am happy that PM Modi has relaxed the ban on export of hydrogen..chlori…I mean whatever that thing is called. Modi is very generous. He is a selfless man just like Swami Vivekamundan.”

Trump was so pleased that he even agreed to participate in PMs Sunday task.

“I hear that Modi has a task every Sunday for the people of India. Melania is a big fan of these sunday tasks. When PM Modi asked people to come out and bang utensils, Melania got a few utensils herself and started hitting them. That’s the first time I have seen her enter the kitchen in almost a decade. And I promise you, the entire Trump family will participate in all future tasks if this hydroxy ..whatever made available,” he asserted.