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Hillary Clinton taking women empowerment lessons from Rahul Gandhi for the upcoming U.S. Presidential elections

21, Oct 2015 By ashishnayan

Washington: In a shocking development, Faking News learnt that Rahul Gandhi has been co-opted by a few U.S. Democratic party workers to provide lessons to Hillary on women’s empowerment.

Hillary Clinton happy that Rahul gandhi will train her on women's empowerment
Hillary Clinton happy with Rahul Gandhi’s lessons on women’s empowerment

The workers claimed that Rahul Gandhi, the strong champion of this idea as he is, would be the most ideal person to bolster Hillary’s chances in the upcoming US Presidential elections 2016.

We have also learnt that Rahul Gandhi, who recently went to the US at the same time with PM Modi, was actually invited for this very purpose. Apparently, Hillary selected Rahul for this role as she was very impressed with how Rahul had twisted the entire Arnab Goswami interview to a ‘women empowerment’ talk.

She was available for comments and said, “Answering every question posed by the interviewer on the lines of women empowerment needs prophetic skills. How on earth could he actually do that? We in the US really need to learn so much from Rahul when it comes to women empowerment. I wish I could do more of that in my Presidential debates and ‘trump’ the ‘Trump’ who is anti-women anyways.”

When we approached Rahul Gandhi, he commented, “This morning, I woke up at night because it is morning in the US when it is night in India. This is what I precisely meant when I gave this statement years ago but alas, people think I am dumb. Today, Hillary gifted me a book by the name – ‘Dear Rahul, quit politics’. It is just so surprising that she feels the same about me as I feel about myself. I have been conveying this to Momma but everyone in the Congress feels I am the face of Modern India.  In fact, in the new posters of the Congress party, the hand is actually mine. Now you understand how my hand has been empowering me all my life.”

At this reply, as a correspondent, I did not feel the need to ask another question as the matter had blown out of proportion. Mr. Digvijay Singh who was standing beside him commented, “The hand has empowered me all my life too. I wish and pray that the hand empowers every ‘single’ person on earth just as it did to me. I really feel great to come to the US as I am also celebrating my honeymoon here.”

All in all, to conclude, women empowerment is taking Rahul Gandhi places and we sincerely hope to see him soon in an interview with Arnab Goswami.