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Hitler introduced "Vada Pavs" to India, Subramanian Swami says

15, Jan 2015 By johnrj

Mumbai. After an intense research over the popular vada pavs made in Mumbai, Subramanian Swamy has told the reporters that vada pavs were introduced to Mumbaikars by Hitler.

“Vada pavs were eaten by the Nazi forces while they traveled all across the Europe to conquer countries,” said Subramanian Swamy, “You cannot find it in history books because it is classified information.”

Fascist food item?

Subramanian Swamy, who has been involved in revealing highly classified information throughout his history, has deduced that vada pavs have indeed been Hitler’s favorite snack.

“We see Hitler as a criminal but what we ignore is his eating habits,” he continued, “Due to his mustache, food often gets stuck to it so he found out an easy food to allow it to go inside his mouth without getting stuck on the way.”

Sources say that he has classified documents stating that Hitler once visited Mumbai during his college days and enjoyed eating his homemade burgers. Due to his mustache however, he wasn’t able to eat the whole thing and half of the burger got stuck to it. He suggested that they could make it small with some curry since he could not find bacon.

Swamy also added that Hitler became vegetarian after coming to India.

“He didn’t like to waste food since he was strict and efficient,” he said, “He personally went to the kitchen to make small pavs to be eaten at ease with no licking of your own mustache involved. It became a success but Germany never let out that information. Why was that?”

He also revealed that Hitler’s book named ‘Mein Kampf’ which translated to ‘My struggle’ was named after his struggle to eat his previous burgers without his mustache interrupting him.

“If you see his mustache, you can clearly see the sides being trimmed. Why is that? No one asked it, did they?” questioned Swamy “It is all a conspiracy. The Germans bribed the barber to never let out the reason why it was trimmed like that. It was because Hitler was not able to put the vada pav directly into his mouth without the garlic chutney getting stuck to his side, so he opened his mouth slightly in the side to put it after trimming his mustache. India taught him that.”

Swamy proved this by adding that it was during this visit that Hitler identified the Nazi party’s symbol as the Swastika. Swamy also added that it’s a disgrace that someone who was inspired by Indian food could cause so many atrocities against an ethnic group.

“I cannot believe Hitler did this to the Jews,” said Swamy, “Jews have also been related to the Indian culture in many ways. My current research is ongoing and will reveal details about them.”

When told by reporters that Hitler never attended college, Subramanian Swamy angrily retorted calling the reporters as ‘Liars’ repeatedly till they gave up. Swamy concluded that more information would be given about Hitler and other leaders soon.